How to: Notebook powered Raspberry PI

For Christmas Evelyn (my girlfriend) bought me a Raspberry PI B+. Although I have bigger plans for this little toy, I couldn't resist installing the IPython »

Rendering a large amount of text quickly

While working on my latest project, Poster, I’ve become obsessed with rendering large blocks of text as fast as possible. I’m aware that this »

Alternative event system

I’ve started working on an HTML5 Canvas powered code editor I call “Poster”. You can follow my progress or look at the source by visiting »

Multi-context Javascript errors

When is this a problem? IPython uses CasperJS as a front-end unit test library. Debugging asynchronous Javascript itself can be confusing, adding CasperJS to the mix »

How to: Wrap errors in Javascript

The other day my friend Jason Grout discovered a bug in the widget framework of IPython master. The bug was introduced when model, views, and comms »